LASIK has become one of the most popular of all surgeries. Everywhere you turn you hear advertisements for this surgical procedure that frees patients from their total dependence on glasses and contact lenses. What you do not hear is some of the amazing new technology that has made this surgery safer and able to provide a wider range of correction.

  • Orbscan – This is a sophisticated type of topography system that measures the front and rear curvature of the cornea (front clear portion of the eye) while providing information about the thickness of the cornea throughout its structure. This allows detection of problems never understood before and elimination of high risk patients from surgery who might encounter complications. Since corneal thickness enters into decisions about the amount of correction that can safely be performed, understanding the thickness throughout the cornea is more valuable than measuring the thickness at only one location.
  • Scotoptic Pupilometer – This device allows accurate measurement of the pupil size under nocturnal or nighttime conditions. Knowing the maximum pupil size is critical to preventing night vision problems. For example, if the pupil size is 8mm and the correction on the cornea is 6mm, aberrant light reflexes will enter the eye causing great difficulty with night vision and severe complaints of haloes and glare. Understanding the pupil size will allow for changing the diameter of the correction on the cornea providing for a happy patient.
  • Flying Spot Laser – This is the excimer laser that actually changes the shape of the cornea. The laser actually does have a small spot size that “flies” around the cornea providing a very smooth correction. Larger corrections of astigmatism may also be performed with this type of laser. As importantly, this laser allows the surgeon to choose the diameter (size) of the correction. Thus if a patient has a large pupil, the correction zone can be enlarged to minimize potential complications.

At Precision Eye Care, Drs. Davis and Bloom use only the latest proven technology to provide patients with the best possible outcomes. Dr. Davis has performed thousands of microsurgical eye procedures including incisional and laser vision correction. The combination of reasonable pricing and excellent care make Precision Eye Care the obvious choice for your vision correction procedure.