Intraocular Lens (IOL)

IOL technology allows our surgeons to replace the natural lens in the eye with an artificial lens which can give both distance and near vision without glasses. Although used routinely for cataract surgery, this technology now allows those who are not candidates for LASIK and over the age of 50, the chance for spectacle independence. Cataracts are a clouding of the natural lens of the eye. Usually this first presents as trouble with night driving due to glare and haloes. As the cataracts worsen, other visual tasks, such as reading and working on a computer start to suffer.

Today, waiting until the cataract is “ripe” does not apply. The decision to have cataract surgery is individual and based on how the cataract effects your quality of life. When a patient starts to have difficulty with their vision due to cataracts, it is time to consider surgery.

Many patients have opted for “Clear Lens Exchange” to enable them more freedom from glasses. If you are over the age of 50 and depend on your glasses for both distance and near vision needs, you may be a candidate. This surgery is exactly the same as cataract surgery which is performed over a million times a year in this country, but the goal is different. Instead of replacing a cloudy lens, we are replacing a clear lens that has specific optical properties to correct your vision.

This procedure lasts a lifetime and the patient who has this will never have to worry about cataracts in the future. Dr. Davis performed this exact surgery on both parents, freeing them from contacts and glasses. A thorough evaluation will help our surgeons determine if you are a candidate for this fantastic technology.


There are many types of IOLs available and our surgeons will help you decide which is best for your specific visual needs. Shouldn’t you schedule your evaluation?