Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)
April 3, 2013

I hate waiting!

So do most people and at Precision Eye Care we are keenly aware of the value of a patient’s time. We make every effort to keep the waiting time to a minimum and in this blog I want to describe the issues we face and how we try to deal with this problem.

The first thing to understand is each patient’s visit is different. We know through experience about how long it will take for each patient on an average but not exactly for each patient. A patient may have a quick visit scheduled for something like a pressure check for glaucoma which could take a few minutes, but when they arrive and complain about new floaters and flashes of light, they just became more complicated than originally expected and take more of our time. Each and every day we have emergencies of all types. Some are minor and others require our full attention and take a lot of time.

As a mature practice, our schedule is full everyday and even though we leave a few spots open for emergencies and add-ons, we still sometimes run behind. If you are a regular patient here, I’m sure you usually go through the visit in a very efficient manner, but there will always be times where things happen that are out of our control.

To be sure we are doing our best, every quarter we analyze our data to see what the waiting time has been over that 3 month period. Our software allows us to track when the patient checks in, when they see the technicians, when they see the physician and finally when they check out. This way we can see if and where we are having issues and make adjustments. Is it perfect? No, but we try everyday to make your experience the most pleasant possible!

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